UDSMR Services
Education, Training, and Consultation
A full spectrum of training programs and educational resources is available for subscribers, including on-site programs and regional workshops. UDSMR offers special analytic, reporting, consultation, and training (data analysis / interpretation / application workshops) services to meet the urgent and unique needs of its individual subscribers. Fees for these special services will be determined and negotiated based upon a discussion of the subscribers’ needs and agreed upon deliverables. Subscribers are encouraged to contact UDSMR to discuss and evaluate the possible options available to help them meet the challenges facing their rehabilitation organization. For more information, please contact Carole Stickels at 716-817-7815.
Reliable collection of data is very important to UDSMR and its subscribers. To ensure that facilities are submitting reliable data, each subscribing hospital goes through a two-phase credentialing process. Phase I requires each clinician who performs (or will perform) assessments at a facility to take an examination provided by UDSMR. A facility becomes credentialed once 80% of the reported number of clinicians pass the examination with a score of 80% or better. Phase II involves a technical review of data submitted by the facility. For more information, please contact us at 716-817-7800 or credentialing@udsmr.org.
Client Services
The primary role of the Client Services team is to act as account representatives for our current subscribers. Each account representative stays in touch with assigned facilities in order to support and manage day-to-day needs that pertain to use of the systems to which the facilities subscribe. By working closely with our technical support team, clinical support staff, and statistical work group, our client services department will make sure you receive the assistance and the answers you need now. To contact Client Services, please call 716-817-7872.
Subscription Sales
The primary role of the subscription information and sales team is to provide prospective subscribers with information about our outcomes data management systems. The best way to learn about our subscription sales is through an online demonstration for you and your staff. During the demonstration, we will provide you an overview of the instrument, the software, and quarterly benchmark reports associated with the system that interests you. We will also show you how you can instantly generate reports from data you just entered into the system and how you can use the system's output to guide case conferences, facilitate family meetings, and promote your services to others. To contact Sales, please call 716-817-7856.
UDSMR conducts a wide range of clinical and scientific research projects related to functional assessment in the field of medical rehabilitation. UDSMR also provides support to other researchers in this field. For more information, please contact our Clinical Trials/Research Department at 716-817-7809.

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UDSMR Business Partners
If you are interested in partnering with UDSMR, please contact Fran Hagerty, Marketing Manager, at 716-817-7893.