About UDSMR Software
Our online software portals allow subscribers to access data, create reports, track outcomes, and much more. To log in to your facility’s account, select the desired software portal from the drop-down menu, and then enter your facility code, username, and password.
• UDS Central™ Website • UDS-PRO® Pre-Admission Portal
UDS Central™ Software Entry For UDSPRO Central™, UDSFIM Central™, UDS Credentialing™, and Subscriber Support Site Software Entry for UDS-PRO® Portal
Click here for UDSCentral to access the UDS-PROi® software, the UDS-FIMi™ software, and the Subscriber Support site Click here to access the UDS-PRO® Portal for preadmission records. (Physicians and other authorized users only!)
• AlphaFIM® Software • WeeFIM II® Software • LIFEware® Software
AlphaFIM® Software Portal WeeFIM II® Software Portal LIFEware® Software Portal
Click here to access the AlphaFIM® software Click here to access the
WeeFIM II® software
Click here to access the LIFEware® software