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The Complete Reimbursement, Management, Reporting, and Accreditation System

The UDS-PRO® System is a comprehensive tool that combines patient assessment and outcomes management functionality with reimbursement. This powerful system combines the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Patient Assessment Instrument (IRF-PAI), case-mix group (CMG) assignment, and data transmission to both the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and UDSMR.

The UDS-PRO® System includes both Medicare and non-Medicare requirements, allowing your facility to evaluate care and manage resources with just one instrument. Subscribers have access to the industry’s largest database of patient records (approximately 70% of all inpatient rehabilitation facilities). The size and integrity of our database is also why the industry turns to us when it needs an objective evaluation of industry trends for use in standards, benchmarking, and public policy debates.

As a subscriber, you can take advantage of UDSMR’s 25-year partnership with the rehabilitation field, our superior knowledge of the instrument, and access to industry-standard software, reporting, credentialing, education, training, and consulting. UDSMR’s clinical staff are the industry experts for the IRF-PAI, and CMS has acknowledged this by selecting UDSMR to staff its clinical help desk each year since the inception of the IRF PPS.

Some of the UDS-PRO® System's features are highlighted below. For a more extensive list of features, please view the product slick located under the “Brochures & Workshops” tab.
  • Optional HL7 interfacing
  • IRVEN and other vendor data conversions available for a historical database
  • Projected CMG, LOS, and facility-adjusted FPP
  • Case-level IRF compliance status
  • FIM™ Track module for admission and discharge rating assistance
  • Mini-FIM™ assessment tool, a 7-item preadmission screening tool with admission and denial tracking
  • User-defined custom fields
  • Dynamic export for custom reporting
  • Patient satisfaction module