About Adult Day
The adult day assessment is a specialized tool found within the LIFEware® online outcomes tracking system. It incorporates the FIM® instrument’s motor and cognitive items, a memory measure (similar to the Mini-Mental® State Examination), and a number of other useful measures and scales related to the following:
  • Pain
  • Physical limitations
  • General abilities
  • Behavior
  • Placid (mood)
  • IADLs
  • Nutrition
  • Medication
  • Falls
  • Community contacts

By conducting adult day assessments as part of your screening process, you can determine the appropriateness of clients for your program before they enroll at your facility. An admission assessment ascertains a client’s functional strengths and weaknesses and helps you estimate the hours per day of assistance the client may need. Cognitve and memory measures help you determine whether a dementia-specific program might be best. Repeat assessments result in outcome reports that demonstrate the benefits of your program to family members and referral sources. The adult day assessment is a great tool for case management, program planning, team building, quality measures, and accreditation. It also provides an excellent way for you to prove the value of your adult day program to outside funders looking for outcomes, numbers, and reports.

For more information, contact:

Lynne Adamczyk, RN, BSN, MBA
Adult Day Product Manager